The PWUDs in the past suffered lack of political goodwill, social and economic challenges for a long period but the narrative slowly begun changing in 2019 and improved for the better from having spaces to engagement in policy making and engagement of policy makers in PWUDs spaces. Improvement in access health services including scale up of Methadone Assisted Therapy (MAT) in additional facilities was noted. KeNPUD continues to sensitize PWUDs on their rights with emphasis on Women who use drugs who face a lot of negative gender norms and stigma limiting them to access SRHR. KeNPUD conduct sensitization with WWUDs  to create awareness on different SRHR needs and link them for the same in health facilities and drop in centers. This has been a quarterly activity supported by the Partnership to Inform, Transpire and Connect the HIV response (PITCH).

During the COVID19 pandemic WWUDs have continued to be vulnerable and facing the following challenges:

  • Increase in intimate partner violence experienced and GBV.
  • Loss of livelihood.
  • Lack of nutrition support and hygiene kits.
  • Homelessness
  • Lack of access to antenatal care for fear of emotional and verbal abuse.
  • Being blamed of petty crime in the community leading to community mob justice.

KeNPUD has been addressing the situation by:

  • Linking women to various forms of support they have formed a response team with police and a referral system with legal and medical services.
  • Running a support group for women to create learning and sharing platform.
  • Supporting with nutrition support to the most needy cases
  • Providing with PPEs.
  • Continuous sensitization and creating awareness on G.B.V and SRHR.
  • Conducting advocacy on accessing of SRHR among WWUDs without stigma and discrimination.

KeNPUD has worked closely with the following in working with WWUDs

  • SAPTA.

In pursuit of reaching out to women who Use drugs KeNPUD has been supported by:

  • KP Consortium

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