About Us

our mission

To Improve the health and well-being of people who use drugs through grass root organization of people who use drugs


The Kenya Network of People Who Use Drugs (KeNPUD) was founded in June 2012. The network was established on the initiative of a core group of people who use drugs in Nairobi who intend to stimulate the growth and support the development of drug user organizations in other parts of Kenya. KeNPUD aims to create a representative platform for input into policy and programming that impact on people who use drugs.

KeNPUD seeks to challenge the views Kenyans have on PWUDs by advocating for human rights comprehensive health services for current and recovering drug users.  At the same time, the Organization works towards empowering PWUDs in Kenya by enhancing their capacities in different areas. KeNPUD is geared up to play a role in Kenyan drug policy by conducting regular meetings and has already established a clear governance system and core objectives. The organization will advocate for a full range of harm reduction, HIV related and other health services and work to eliminate stigma and discrimination against people who use drug. The network was among the pioneers of harm reduction programs in Kenya and has wealth of experience on the same. KeNPUD has been on the frontline in empowering the community of PWUDs to stand up for their rights and occupying decision-making spaces. KeNPUD membership consist of grass root groups, and peer led organizations of PWUDs

Our Vision

Empowered drug user and just society

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