Training of PWUDs as Community Paralegals

Most often, Community of PWUDs human rights are usually violated because they are not well informed about what is legally right or wrong. It’s therefore important for people who use drugs to understand that they have the same and equal rights like any other person. For a better understanding of the legal needs among our community of PWUDs, together with our partners OSIEA (Open Society Initiative for East Africa) and our training partners NextGen LAWYERS we conducted a 3 day sensitization program for our community paralegals on legal procedures and frameworks

Community Paralegals plays an important and major role in ensuring that the rights of PWUDs are safeguarded and that they have access to quality and acceptable legal aid. During our sensitization, Community paralegals were able to have an in-depth understanding of their roles and skills, the law, administration of justice, Kenya legal system and the criminal procedure in Kenya.

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