Sensitization of Community Healthcare Workers on Harm Reduction Services

Community HealthCare Workers plays a major role in our (KENPUD’s) efforts to reach to as many PWUDs as possible in our communities. Working together with CHCWs has been a major milestone as we have been able to meet the needs of PWUDs through accessible and affordable health services for current and recovering drug users.

KENPUD therefore in collaboration with our partners OSIEA (Open Society Initiative for East Africa) continues to sensitize CHCWs on harm reduction services to create awareness on how to assist PWUDs in their respective communities and work together to eliminate stigma and discrimination against people who use drugs.

Through CHCWs , KENPUD has been able to reach Women Who Use Drugs (WWUDs) and ensure that they have access to quality Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, Pre and Post natal care, HIV testing and Counselling, Prevention and Treatment of STIs and ART adherence.

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