Community Education & Conversation Forum on Challenges faced by PWUDs

PWUDs faces various challenges from accessing quality, physical abuse, discrimination from the community and harassments from law enforcers.

During our community education and conversation forum, it was noted that as much as sensitization of Community Health Care Workers has been done, PWUDs still faces discrimination in accessing quality health care services. Delay in medical -services especially for emergency cases and non-provision of waiver fees (since majority of PWUDs are not members of the National Insurance Hospital Fund -NHIF) are among the major issues faced by PWUDs in their efforts to access health services.

With our Advocacy efforts through sensitizing of Law enforcers , Arbitrary arrest and incarceration of PWUDs is still a major challenge. Often, PWUDs human rights are usually violated without them knowing, however Our Training of PWUDs as paralegals programme has played a major role in ensuring that the community of people who use drugs are educated on their human rights.

Access of National Identity Cards has been a challenge among PWUDs. Our Parelegals in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior and Coordination through the National Registration Bureau and local administration have assisted PWUDs in issuance of the IDs, with this PWUDs can be able to access government services with ease.

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