• Membership growth & benefits – KENPUD recognizes its members as powerful agents of their own change and aims to ensure their active participation to address their own challenges. As such, KENPUD will deliver value to all its members nationwide and continuously engage them meaningfully to promote their rights, and the livelihoods of people who use drugs.
  • PARTNERSHIPS – KENPUD seeks to collaborate with partners who are aligned with its vision and programs in order maximize on its reach and expand its influence and impact. In partnering with others, we get to expand our resource base which allows us to have wider reach and impact.
  • ADVOCACY – KENPUD seeks to increase its visibility and take up its authoritative position as the voice of people who use drugs in KENYA and the ‘go to’ organization for all conversations that relate to drug use. KENPUD’s presence in spaces of key discussions on matters pertaining to drug use is felt and its views sought and respected.
  • COMMUNICATION Awareness & Sensitization – KENPUD seeks to establish itself as a resource base where evidence-based information on drug use is found, while using this information to shape perceptions and narratives that impact PWUDs.
  • SUSTAINABILITY (KENPUD’s growth) – KENPUD focuses on continuous improvement and strengthening of its operations and governance, to ensure a functional, progressive and sustainable organization

Our Target Population

KeNPUD represents and works primarily for Persons Who Use and Inject Drugs irrespective of: Age; Colour; Sexual Diversity; Socio-Economic status and Religion in Kenya.