our Achievements

  • KeNPUD is sitting at the International Network of People who Use Drugs, African Network of People who use Drugs, Members of the East African Harm Reduction Network. This has provided them with platforms on influencing policies on harm reduction at both national and international level
  • KeNPUD has Invested a lot in strengthening the capacity of People who use drugs to acquire skills in protecting their Human Rights and be in a better position to demand for rights and equal access to SRHR services
  • KeNPUD has continued engagements at country, regional and global policy processes and on holding dialogues for harm reduction campaigns such as Support DON’T PUNISH, liaising with KP representatives within KCM to ensure issues for PWUDs are well articulated.
  • KeNPUD has increased engagement with the media on lobbying for positive reporting on harm reduction and repeal of Punitive laws that has continued posing threats on respect and promotion of Human Rights
  • Increased participation of PWUDs in various country level trainings under harm reduction to provide human face where they share personal experiences on drug issues and intersecting issues such as health exploitation and violence.
  • Holding forums with the health, drug policy and harm reduction partners including NACADA, MOH and religious authorities to ensure unified, inclusive and collaborative advocacy agendas and strategies are formulated.
  • Continuous trainings for the PWUD community to build the capacity on various areas like advocacy on human rights. Members are able to report on cases of violence
  • Through regular workshops with the law enforcement there has been increased knowledge of harm reduction.
  • Increased engagement of WWUDs as a result of having trainings specifically for them where they can feel free to express their challenges. We conduct quarterly meeting with female ON SRHR and GBV.